Studying Materials

UNAWE-Tanzania posses a number of useful resources for teachers, pupils, students and interested individuals in term of books, magazines, CD’s, software and posters. These materials are highly effective on enhancing scientific knowledge through of astronomy and other branches of science including mathematics, physics, chemistry biology and geography. We can also provide projector, computer and telescope up on special request for teaching purposes at schools or science clubs.

These materials can be offered to anyone interested including teachers, pupils and students. Nothing is charged for these material but highly recommend users to respect them and return them back on time. on terms on protecting these materials while they are on someone’s hand.

To borrow materials from us just visit UNAWE-Tanzania Resources to see the list of materials which you can borrow.Followed by an e mail to expressing where you are from, which organization your affiliated with, your phone number, what you want to borrow and for how long.


2 thoughts on “Studying Materials


    You guys are r real strong people and your people to be appreciated,your real ASSET of this country.I LOVE YOU ALLL

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