What Does End of the Year Mean?

rosa_doran“The year of 2015 in coming to an end, to be fair dates are just a human invention to keep track of time, nothing really special will happen when 2015 turns into 2016, in different moments for different time zones. The Earth will continue its orbit around the Sun, as it always does, the Sun and all its companions will float around the centre of our galaxy and the local group of galaxies will continue to be bound together following the well-known laws of nature. Well known to some, those that have the privilege to have an education, thanks to those that somehow felt curious enough to pursue their inquiring minds.” Says Rosa Doran from GTTP.

We are grateful to have worked with teachers, students, government officers, international partners and senior people in this marvelous year, making the difference on teaching and understanding of science in Tanzanian schools.

Our prayers are with Chuck Ruehle who enters his 6th and final round of chemotherapy. We wish him strength and quick recovery, we look forward to welcome him and his wife Sue to Tanzania and finalize the construction of Tanzania’s first observatory.

Chuck and SueTogether, we aim to make science owned by the children of Tanzania through the wonders of the cosmos.

Have a wonderful ending of 2015 and great 2016.

Why Should You Encourage Children to Ask Questions?

Screenshot 2015-09-09 21.57.14Do you ever hesitate to ask a question because you think it’s too simple or silly or stupid? Well don’t! As a matter of fact, a lot of famous researchers discovered great new things by asking all kinds of questions. Read more