Kids Sky Exploration Project

Kids Sky Exploration (KSE) project was the first project conducted by UNAWE-Tanzania aimed at teaching modern astronomy to primary school pupils and give them the capacity to link with the traditional astronomical knowledge already present in their societies. This was conducted in August 2009 to five primary schools of Monduli district in Arusha, Tanzania included Oralashi, Mazoezi, Mlimani, Lashaine and Ngarashi primary schools. The project was well received by the pupils’ and teachers’ of the visited schools.

The project showed the need to keep in contact with the schools and help them develop the knowledge we had just ignited. Teachers requested to be updated constantly on what is happening in the field of science, assisted with teaching materials and given more strategies on using astronomy as a tool to teach science subjects. These findings were not expected from the project, but after the analysis UNAWE-Tanzania team decided to get involved to help build science curiosity to teachers and pupils by involving other education stakeholders within and outside Tanzania.

The project team would like to acknowledge Dr. Carolina Odman Govender for being on the frontline in ensuring the success of this project together with the whole team which worked with her in Leiden, Netherlands. Special thanks are forwarded Dr. Geofrey Karugila from Sokoine University of Agriculture in Morogoro, Tanzania for his work with the team during the project implementation and finally we thank all those who are not mentioned here but assisted in one way or another in the success of this project.

The project gave birth to a new project known as Kids Science Exploration (KScE) in 2011, conducted in  collaboration with UNESCO-Natcom Tanzania.  In this new project a total of 15 science clubs have been established  in 15 primary schools located in six regions of Tanzania. We are happy with these successes, but we still have challenges before we reach our goals and your support is highly welcomed.


6 thoughts on “Kids Sky Exploration Project

  1. Escain Kiwonde says:

    It is very nice to have such a wonderful experience with the kids. I hope this will build a strong scientific mind among the kids.
    Congratulation to all you all for helping the kids and you have our support.


  2. pogiso says:

    This is a wonderful initiative that all of you have undertaken, i’m impressed and want to start something similar for the kids in my community. Keep up the very good work that you are doing and strength to you in all your efforts! Halala UNAWE tanzania, Halala!

  3. says:

    This sounds like a wonderful project! I volunteer with a children’s organization that teaches space and science in America and we would love to collaborate and maybe supplement your program with some of our materials! Well done!

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