Kids Science Exploration Project

Kids Science Exploration (KScE) project is designed by UNAWE-Tanzania and implemented in conjunction with UNESCO National Commission of Tanzania. The project is the advancement of Kids Sky Exploration (KSE) project which showed the need to capacitate primary school teachers and pupils with teaching materials and strategies of using astronomy as a tool to teach other science subjects.

The project was officially launched at Morogoro region in August 2011, and members from UNAWE-Tanzania and UNESCO Natcom were sent to Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Pwani, Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar and Morogoro to establish science clubs to pre-selected schools including the five primary schools in which KSE project was conducted in 2009. These clubs were given teaching materials, galileoscope and a guideline book to help them conduct activities with the supplied materials.

The project intended to make clubs independent and inspiring curiosity at the same time to both pupils and teachers. The assessment reports conducted three month after the start of the project revealed an increasing number of questions asked by pupils as well as confidence, which raised the need for more books and sources of information. However there were some problems observed from some schools on which; time was reported as a constraining factor because club activities are suppose to be conducted outside normal school hours, teachers’ availability during this hour was also a problem and the presence of many other clubs at the same school limited pupils participation in the established clubs.

UNAWE-Tanzania is seeing the need to work closely with primary school teachers by building their curiosity in science, improve their strategies on using astronomy as a tool to teach science subjects, involve them in teachers training as well as exchange programs and build their capacity of interpreting science news related to their fields of studies. Through these methods we are expecting to enhance pupils science curiosity through their teachers curiosity in science.

Project Overview Video

Kids Science Exploration Project Vision and Mission video below

Project’s Opinions from the Teacher video below 


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