Rest in Peace Astro-Science Hero for Tanzania

Today is a sad for the lovers of science and astronomy all around the world and Tanzania alike. We have bid farewell to our energetic, passionate and a truly astro-science educator without borders Chuck Ruehle. Chuck Ruehle has been a key partner on promoting science education through astronomy in Tanzania together with UNAWE-Tanzania. Chuck and his wife Susan Ruehle have touched life of many children, teacher and communities in Tanzania through their well-known non-profit organization Telescopes to Tanzania based in the US.

Since 2010 Chuck and his wife have been visiting Tanzania each year to supply education resources, conduct teacher training sessions and support local organizations with the aim of improving level of science teaching and learning in Tanzania.

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On working with Chuck we have learnt one great lesson on never giving up despite of how worse things might seem to be. While fighting cancer Chuck had never forgot his commitment to science education in Tanzania. Even when in hospital bed Chuck have always been asking on how science education is proceeding in Tanzania and continue to make plans to ensure it gets better each day.

His endless commitment for better science to underprivileged communities is mutually shared by UNAWE community all around the world and Tanzania. We have learnt the lesson of not making excuses but think of better ways to do things each time we are faced with challenges.

Solar power projector

Chuck teaching science using solar projector on his last visit to Tanzania in 2015

Before his death, he was in a mission to ensure Tanzania build her first observatory to be used as a gate way to science for the children of the nation and East Africa. As being among those few worked with him, we committee ourselves to make his dream a reality and pave way for young Tanzanians to be great scientists of the world.

12 inch Cave Cassegrain to be taken to Tanzania

12 inch Cave Cassegrain to be taken to Tanzania

May his blessed soul rest in peace.

The Coming of Planets in 2016

All the major visible planets have deserted our skies since October last year when we last saw Venus in the evening skies.  However they are all set to come back to the evening skies in the coming months with Jupiter making a late night start from February and Mars and Saturn in April.  Jupiter is at opposition (brightest, rising in the east while the Sun sets in the west) on March 8 and hence can be seen in the sky throughout the night from sunset to sunrise of the following day. Mars will be at opposition on May 22, while Saturn will be in opposition on June 3 both rising in the east when the sun is setting in the west.  Venus makes its entry into the evening skies from July.  Fast moving Mercury jumps in and out of morning and night skies several times during the year but does not rise more than 25 degrees above the horizon hence always a challenge and exciting to see.  It will be at highest evening elevation of 20 degrees above the horizon at sunset on April 18.

For detailed listing of all the events that we will witness in Tanzania during the year, visit Astronomy in Tanzania website regularly to get updates on the events.

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By Dr. Nooraji Jiwaji