Sharing Resources, Science News, and a Love for Astronomy

As Telescopes to Tanzania moved about the Meru/Usa River region on the third week stay in Tanzania made visits to 7 schools in the area. They include: Ngongongare, Ailanga, Lakitatu, Uraki, Kikatiti, and Nkoaranga Seconday Schools plus the English Medium School at Makramira.

The visit include 6 of the 24 secondary schools where Science Centre Ambassadors are helping to establish Science Clubs.  During the visits they met with students and their teacher advisors and talked about the New Horizons mission to Pluto.  This often gaves an opportunity to discuss the solar system, our Milkyway Galaxy and beyond with each group.

Using a laptop and battery operated video projector they shared the latest Pluto images from New Horizons with schools that are off the power grid.  This also helped ambassadors learn how to use these technology tools for their work in the coming year.

At the end of the week the everyone was very tired – with 7 school visits – off road travel – and long days.But the sense of accomplishment and solidarity with schools, students and teachers made it all worthwhile.  We trust you will enjoy thee photos.

Kindergaten visitAt the English Medium Primary School-Makumira/Kilala the three year old Kindergarten class warned our hearts greeting us with song. This new school wants students to be strong in science subjects before Secondary education begins.

Ngongongare clean waterAt Ngongongare Secondary School they now have clean water using a rain cache system with filter. The work on the new lab for chemistry has continued slowly as finances allow.

Lidya and resourcesAstronomy is the gateway to the sciences. Sharing a few science/math materials at Ailanga Junior Seminary with headmistress Lydia Mbise.

Science labThis is the entire science lab at Uraki Secondary School–chemistry, biology, physics. The box measures 16×20 inches and is 8 inches deep.

chemistry sessionStudents from Lakitatu Secondary School test food with reagents of two solutions to identify the presence of starch.

Solar power projectorChuck Ruehle Astronomer and teacher…shares his love of science and the news about Pluto with students of Kikatiti Secondary School. He is comparing older images from the Hubble Space telescope with the recent New Horizons images using a battery operated projector and his laptop.

PresentesHeadmaster Mr. Ndosi at Nkoaranga Secondary School presents new shirts to two very tired Science Teachers on Friday afternoon.

To see more of our trip check out Telescopes to Tanzania on Facebook.


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