Astro-Science Ambassadors Training in Tanzania

Between 14th to 17th July, 2015; 16 astro-science ambassadors from Arusha region were trained on the use of astronomy for teaching and learning science based on Tanzania science education syllabuses. The training was opened by the district education officer from Meru district in the region. In his opening speech he appreciated efforts made by all project partners and his office if looking forward to observe the impact of the project.

On each day during the 4 day work shop, astro-science ambassadors were asked different questions.   What do we know?   What do we want to know?   How do we find out?  And on the last day,  What did we learn?

Responses to the last question included:   How to use effective teaching aids.   Teaching and learning is a two way traffic pattern between student and teacher.   Interact with other teachers.  I learned about Pluto.   THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX.

What did our partners, Telescopes to Tanzania learn?   Opened a door for teachers and creativity, learning, interaction, ideas, and visions spilled out, beyond any modest outcomes they have imagined.

After 4 days, everyone was tired but filled with joy.  It was however a great honor to distribute certificates of Completion and shake the hands with 16 wonderful, excited astro-science ambassadors who are also teachers.

What next?  Each teacher will now be an ambassadors for the Organization for Science Education and Observatory in Arusha.  They will visit other classrooms and schools inviting other teachers to THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX.

At the end of the day, many teachers and Board Members from the Science Centre joined Sue in celebrating her 67th birthday.

image #1Sue and Chuck Ruehle of Telescopes to Tanzania with their friend and teaching partner Mponda Malozo of Universe Aware Tanzania prepare for the final day of the Ambassador training in Usa River Tanzania.

For a final project teachers prepare hands on student centered activities. Making the connection between geography, physics and astronomy one group uses a lime to demonstrate the mantle, crust and core of the earth.

image 3Completion ceremony!!! a District Education Officer, and Centre for Science Board members, join Sue Ruehle in presenting a certificate of completion to all 16 workshop participants,

image 4 (1)Celebrating 4 days of connecting Astronomy to the Science curriculum through hands on /inquiry base teaching— participants, presenters, Centre for Science Board members and a District Education Officer gather for a final photo.

Image #5Women dance to present wraps to Sue Ruehle as they celebrate her birth into a new year. (17 July Sue turns 67!!)

image 6Yesterday I celebrated my 67th birthday in Usa River Tanzania. Mama Kyara adds to the material brought for my birth into a new year. To see more of our trip check out Telescopes to Tanzania.



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