Astro-Science Outreach for Education Project Progress in Tanzania

Science Education is on the move in Tanzania and astronomy is showing it potential through astro-science outreach project. Since its launch a total of 16 schools, more than 24 new teachers and about 1000 students have been reached by our trained astro-science ambassadors in Arusha region.


Astro-Science ambassadors presenting the Sun and Solar system

To ensure project deliverance laptops, printer and internet modems were provided to astro-science ambassadors through partner project organization in Arusha. Through provided items, we expect to bring astro-science knowledge in the web into Tanzanian classrooms. In the past two months, it has been possible to hold Skype meetings with astro-science ambassadors in Arusha with project coordinators in the US, Denmark and Dar es Salaam. Once computers is well accustomed by astro-science ambassadors and teachers, we shall start think of scheduling distance learning.

Equipment handover

Equipment handover

The work of astro-science ambassador was showcased at Education Exhibition in Arusha University on 26th May, 2015. Students and astro-science ambassadors from Ngongongare School demonstrated how astronomy can be a tool for improved science teaching and learning in Tanzania. And they were impressed with the feedback they received from the audience.

In July, 2015, 8 more teachers will attend astro-science training workshop and increase number of astro-science trained ambassadors in Tanzania. Hands on teaching and learning methods shall be introduced and training on the use of internet to prepare and introduce Astronomy as the heart of the science subjects based on curriculum shall be given.

Outdoor astro-science lecture

Outdoor astro-science lecture


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