Amazing Grace to Science in Tanzania with Astronomy in Focus

It is so amazing to see how each and everyone of us can make a difference, as individuals it is so hard to see the impact of our actions but through unit that isn’t the case.These are not an empty words, as my community had no hope it would be possible to raise 38,000 USD for the Telescopes to Tanzania project through social media.

We were even questioned if cloud funding real works? and our response was “it real depend on how well you invest on communicating it, how much people you reach and how much people are touched by it”This didn’t sound as a sure answer but we couldn’t do better.

Major concern were on who would care about Tanzania’s science education, who bother about astronomy in Tanzania and what would be the return on investment. Well at this moment those thoughts and concerns should vanish and start to think on how can you impact the life of others through the little you are blessed with in life.

Amazing Grace to Tanzania

Through the hard working teams of Astronomers Without Boarders, Telescopes to Tanzania, UNAWE-Tanzania, The Organization for Science Education and Observatory and teachers in Tanzania we have seen the amazing grace by being able to raise $38,869 with still 66 hours ticking for you to donate.

This was only possible because there are still good people out there, who want to see good things are happening and peoples’ life are being transformed for good. Through those science teaching and understand in Tanzania shall have a good model to copy from and give authorities another reason to see how astronomy can be a tool for science in Tanzania.

Together with our partners we look forward to live to our words, continue the work on the ground and create a generation of scientists who shall have impact in the science world from Tanzania.

We say Thank You for LOVE, TRUST and CARE



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