Mwanza Astronomy Club to be In Touch With!

Mwanza CityMwanza is the region found in the North of Tanzania surrounded by one of the African Great Lakes (Lake Victoria), named after Queen Victoria by the explorer John Hanning Speke, who was the first European to discover it in 1858. It is the Africa’s largest lake by area, largest tropical lake in the world and the world’s 2nd largest freshwater lake by surface area next to Lake Superior in North America. It is from this honored place in Africa where the Marist Boys Secondary School is located.

The school’s astronomy club was born in 2013 with the decision to make it a boarding school on which during weekends the clubs members started to meet. The members of the club have a rank of 14.27 yrs old: students of the formation course, form I and form II. Some of the interest of the group is to learn more about galaxies, to study the constellations and to be astrologers at large.

Allen AngelusThe club has been studying constellations (Orion, Gemini, and many others) and later on deepens the capacities of observation to study about the moon, comets and different asteroids. The club uses mainly two instruments: – The GALILEOSCOPE, donated by the Astronomers without borders and a pair of BINOCULARS.

 The club leader has put some effort to and contacted a hotel manager in town, who owns a telescope “Celestro astromaster”. Who is open to share with the club after being familiar with its use, of course…

 Celestron MwanzaThe club normally has two sessions in the week:

Fridays evening – dedicate to observe the sky using the above mentioned instruments; and

Saturdays afternoon – take time to prepare stellar maps, explanations of the bodies that we will observe, and to get familiar with the use of the instruments.

The club seeks to keep on constant communication with those who loves astronomy from all around the world, to discuss, understand and unveil the beauty of the cosmos.

 You Can Reach Marist Boys Astronomy Club through Teo Grageda Vázquez

E mail:

Brian Ezekiel


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