Tanzania Prepares for November 3rd Solar Eclipse!

This time for Africa would probably be the perfect theme for the Eclipse in November 3rd, 2013

The Picture below show places where the eclipse will be seen in different parts of the World at different times. It is obvious that the African continent is widely covered by this eclipse event. The dark line in the middle of the red strip show the areas where the total eclipse will be visible.

The East Africa Community is privileged to observe total or partial eclipse depending on where you are within the region. Tanzania is not lucky enough to observe the total eclipse but our friends in Kenya are. The Northern part of Tanzania will have almost 80% of the Sun covered, the percent will decrease as you go South of the country and the continent.

Together with Telescopes to Tanzania together we have prepared an observing note in English and Swahili for the people in Tanzania and East Africa to understand about the eclipse and how to watch the eclipse safely. Do Not Look at the Sun Without Protecting your eyes is an important message we are sending out to the public.

Astronomers Without Borders  -  Safe Solar Glasses

Astronomers Without Boarders is now conducting a special campaign to help distribute these safe solar viewing glasses in Africa and Tanzania has benefited from that with over 2000 solar viewing glasses. If you don’t happen to find one of these glasses you are advised to use alternative methods which will not allow you to look at the Sun directly (read the Observing note here Swahili Observing Note for November 3rd, 2013 Eclipse or Solar Eclipse Observing notes for 3rd Nov, 2013 to know how to do it safely) .

On the day of the event Telescopes to Tanzania and UNAWE-Tanzania will be at Ailanga Secondary School in Arusha, near Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge with other people to teach and Watch Solar Eclipse. Before the event Chuck and Susan Ruehle will be visiting schools in the Arusha region and teach about the upcoming eclipse.

We welcome YOU, your FAMILY and FRIENDS to Join us on the Sunday of November 3rd at Ailanga


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