Space Imagination of an Artist!

“Space” or “Astronomical” Art is the embodiment of that extraterrestrial leap in human imagination.  It is a genre of artistic expression that strives to show the wonders of the Universe, despite the artist having never been to the place they are depicting.  Inspiring, uplifting, even mesmerizing, Space Art helps to fulfill a deep set need in the human spirit to go and see.  We are a species of explorers; it is in our very nature to wonder about what is over the next hill, across the river, beyond that mountain, on the next planet.  And when we can’t go there ourselves, we send the imagination of an artist.

The IAAA is the only guild of artists in the world dedicated to bringing those distant wonders down to Earth all to marvel at.  Founded in 1982, the IAAA today has nearly 120 members across the world, all working to expand the boundaries of the human mind.  You have probably seen the work of an IAAA member without even knowing it.  From book and magazine covers to movie effects to artistic images illustrating the newest astronomical discoveries, the IAAA is the vanguard of artistic space exploration. Continue reading here

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