A Science Center with an Observatory Mission for Tanzania

An Observatory ResourcesThe Telescopes to Tanzania Teachers training of November 2012 was so exciting and led to the birth of a new mission known as Science Center with an Observatory, planned to be at the foot of Mt. Meru in Arusha Tanzania and serve the whole of East Africa.

In April 2013 Telescopes to Tanzania traveled back to Tanzania to look at sites, figure costs and begin the process of BUILDING a Model Science lab, learning center for teaching hands on science skills, creating a rolloff observatory and astro-tourism possibilities. Meanwhile took along three telescopes, one microscope, two computers plus another 70 pounds of science stuff for schools in Tanzania.

Together with friends they realized Astronomy can open wonderful doors to learning and create an atmosphere of exploration in science education in Tanzania. This eventually gave birth to the slogan of the mission which says “Astronomy; A Gateway to Science”.

The dream of establishing this mission involves a good number of stakeholders in astronomy and science all around the world including OAD, AWB, GTTP, UNAWE, UNAWE-Tanzania and more. Currently the mission has an awesome Telescope to be republished ready for the observatory in Tanzania. This and other resources donated by good friends of Telescopes to Tanzania keep the dream for a science center, observatory and model lab to move along. We thank you all for the continued support.

The reception of our friend from the Northern hemisphere was like this “The sky was cloudy till 11pm then Crux was high in the Southeastern sky.  Viewing through the AWB 5-inch dob prototype the Jewel Box cluster is filled with Rubies, Emeralds, Diamonds and Tanzanite.  The universe just paid me back all expenses for this trip” says Chuck Ruehle.  Meanwhile Vivian Hoette from Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay, Wisconsin just shared this photo of the jewel box as imaged by the Skynet telescopes in Chile, then processed by Larry Marschall of Gettysburg College in Green Bank. Then chuck says again “My image was captured by my eye and processed by my brain — and now it is stored in my heart and soul forever!!

Chuck Reception in the Southern Hemisphere This warm welcome of Chuck into Southern Hemisphere is the precious gift of unexplored dark skies of Tanzania to tourists, to be unveiled in our new mission as it has once been done by the Lion by Day and Leo by Night program in the Serengeti.

To bring this experience to reality Chuck report from the ground says “the skies are beautiful and it would be a great place to see the total eclipse in November!! who wants to join us? Tanzania….a total eclipse….a safari in a national park….and meeting some wonderful friends?”.

In the weekend of May 3 and 4; UNAWE-Tanzania, a film maker Kai Staats, Bernard and Linda friends from Kenya, local teachers, students and the surrounding community will be at Kikatiti Village conducting a farewell Star Party to Chuck and finalizing the plan for the mission.

Astro-tourism component We welcome you to join Telescopes to Tanzania Facebook Open Group and get constant update of the mission.

We are also appreciating the positive comments we are receiving from you and here are few of those:

Thilina Heenatigala That’s great news and good timing! April is Global Astronomy Month

Mike Simmons I think — it’s all awesome!

Albert Mk Things are getting hot with this program and I like it.Stay blessed all of you for positive initiatives towards science education in Tz

Kepha Jeremians Oooh that is the wonderfully news for Tanzanian. Still consider me to participate. Thanks


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