We Started from the Home of the Greatest

Edward Moringe Sokoine

We were born from the home of the greatest man in Tanzania, the man with the dream of true better life for every Tanzanian. But the Men’s dream was shuttered in a car accident which happened on 12th April 1984. The men who served as prime minister for the United Republic of Tanzania for two different periods the first one from 1977-1981 and the second one from 1983- till his death.

It has been 26 years since his death and Tanzanian has a lot to remember. By the time of his death most of us were pretty young, but still our parents talked about this brave man who was determined to liberate his country from poverty. He believed, positive development starts from the village level especially on agriculture so that people can be self-reliance. This was his motives and the spirit of patriotism for his country was the main target. He worked hard as he wanted to see things getting done right away. Less time for his family as he devoted his time for the country and committed to what he does.

He was born and educated in Monduli the place where UNAWE-Tanzania conducted it’s first activity in August 2009 and is still working in the region to date. The children of Monduli paved the way for UNAWE activities in Tanzania to make it ever lasting with their unquenchable thirsty of knowing more the relationship between sky, science, tradition and environment.

Sokoine during his leadership

The UNAWE-Tanzania team which visited children were surprised with the joy they brought to these kids, it was hard to say goodbye and we felt bad departing with them. We had to make a promise to the teachers and the children that we will be coming back again.

The promise we made on that day kept coming back in our dreams, talk, conversation and generally everything that we touch and we are now living our lives knowing that there is a family in Monduli which gave birth to even bigger family of UNAWE in Tanzania. This family makes us happy, joyful and inspired.

Happy moments with Pupils in Monduli

While we are praying for his soul to rest in peace, we are working on unveiling the unidentified potentials of Tanzanian children from Monduli and other parts of the country through astronomy where all sciences, wonders and amusement meets.



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