Mbozi Meteorite Discovery

Mbozi Meteorite is one among the few amazing meteorites which exist on the surface of the earth.It is believed to have fallen several thousand years ago.

Posing with the Meteorite

It is located on the Southern highlands of Tanzania at Ndolezi village within Mbozi District  in Mbeya region.According to the guide at the site the meteorite is made of Copper,Nickel,Iron and other two metals.

Looking at the surface it is a shining hard metallic material which is undergoing slow rusting.

On top of it you can also see a small porous hole which I think it is due to the impact of air as it entered the earth’s atmosphere.It is believed that the first person to see this meteorite was from Zambia who was the hunter in the region.

The porous part

This meteorite is interesting in understanding the universe and various bodies found in the outer space.Furthermore it is a very useful material to inspire kids to question it’s origin, build their curiosity through questioning and story telling.

Through looking at it you  would think of how it got there, the amount of energy released by looking at the impact it caused on the surroundings it fell on. The surrounding area seems to have suffered the impact of heat when it landed.

Happy with the Meteorite

Currently it is important to understand the probability of having a similar impact on earth’s surface and whether there are more meteorites left in the outerspace waiting to get into earth’s gravitation field.

These and more question can be answered by building curiosity, conducting research and increase exploration of the area. The video below can give a general overview of the meteorite and important facts about it.


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