Attractive Views to Watch in Tanzanian Night Skies 2012

Dr. N T Jiwaji

Just at the beginning of the year Dr. Jiwaji is taking Tanzanians closer to the skies above than ever before. He has gathered all the information about the attractive views  to be offered by the Tanzanian Skies from January to December in this article  Planet Predictions in 2012 for Tanzania which is also available  in Swahili language here

To most it sounds like a crystal ball reading of your horoscope, but it is not! Movements of stars and planets are known with mathematical accuracies correct to thousands of years ahead. What he provided are interesting events that can be viewed in the night sky during the coming year and They have been determined using the Stellarium software and calculations by well-established astronomers; for example, NASA astronomer Fred Espanak.

You might ask, “Why are star predictions not given?”  Then it would certainly sound like a horoscope reading, which is not scientific.  Seriously though, star predictions are not as difficult to make because their positions relative to each other do not change.

With the article being released on time we do expect to have numerous star-gazing activities in Tanzania for schools and public. Dr. Jiwaji is planning to conduct an event on 26th March when there is a very impressive collection of stars, planets and the Moon, and he invites everyone to attend the event (further information will be given).

Please download and mark your Planet arrangements and times – 2012 calendar as there are many other dates to choose from to accommodate your convenience for Star Parties, Telescope Sessions, Star-gazing and Public outreach events.

Please read more directly from Dr. Jiwaji’s website

And Always Remember That

” The Sky is the Tool for Those who are Curious”

The Sky is the Tool For Those Who are Curious


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