UNAWE-Tanzania 2012 Mission For Children

For the bright future of Tanzania children and the coming generation of Tanzanians, UNAWE-Tanzania has been doing it’s best through out 2011 despite of hardles and tight schedule of the most of the team members.

The year 2011 was of great success and challenges, but still UNAWE-Tanzania officially succeeded to be registered and allowed to operate as independent organization to promote science  and enhance curiosity among Tanzanian children. Within 2011 we also got an opportunity to implement the long thoughted  project of Kids Science Exploration Project  together with UNESCO National Commission in six regions of Tanzania.

Kusoma kwa Sanaa

The challenges lies on the endless will to support clubs formed under Kids Science Exploration Project as evaluation reports shows the eagerness of the teachers and children through the increased number of questions raised by children during sessions and increasing desire to know more by the teachers and children.

As we enter the year 2012 UNAWE-Tanzania will mainly focus on improvising training for teachers, availability of internet/use of internet, supply of books and teaching aid tools to established clubs. We do believe this combination will be another brick layed down for sustainability of established project.

Children needs to be heard

We know these are huge hardles to clear but we also know that we are not alone to fullfill it. We would like to thank all those who helped us achieve our goal in 2011 and we do hope you will like to be with us in 2012.

We also invite other stakeholders within and outside of Tanzania to join hands and help us reveal the true untouched potential of a Tanzanian child for the benefit of human kind all around the World.

and Enjoy The Season’s Greetings from the Space Station video


2 thoughts on “UNAWE-Tanzania 2012 Mission For Children

  1. Ideas For A Science Projects says:

    Hi There Unawetanzania,
    On a similar note,, Is it probable to travel overland (bus, prepare) from:
    Johannesburg to Tanzania? AND Tanzania to Kigali?

    Also, do you believe it is alright to e book our excursions regionally (Mt. Kilimajaro and Serengeti)?

    Time is not an issue and we are not way too fussy about ease and comfort. But we do want to be risk-free and go with reputable tour businesses.

    Thank you most people!!
    Catch you again soon!

    • unawetanzania says:


      I would like to say it’s possible to travel by road all the way but you will go through different countries on the way and if you want to take a bus you will need to exchange buses with different companies on the way.

      I don’t know about the road if it’s smooth all the way or there are some rough roads but I think google map can assist you on this as well as the duration it would take to travel.

      Moving from Tanzania to Kigali it is also possible but the road is certainly not smooth all the way but during summer time is very much possible to go there. It would actually be more convenient to have private transport for the whole journey.

      Concerning the e booking to Kilimanjaro and Serengeti I think it will depend much on the company that you choose and I am not certainly which company is the best but I think you can try to different website and see customer comments and rating of the services.

      I have this website http://safari.go2africa.com/tanzania/tanzania-safari.asp as a stepping stone but you can search for more

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