Science as the way of life to Monduli Kids

The urgent need for science development in Tanzania has been a cry of the whole nation, every year after national examination results the worst performance goes to science subjects in both primary and secondary levels. Despite the fact that there has been an increase in resource allocation and shortened distances for kids to go to schools, the trends has been getting has been slow in improvement instead of getting better and the concern is, Are we preparing a good environment for these kids to perform well?

Olarash Primary School Science Club Members

Our organization through Kids Science Exploration Project has been working hard to bring the idea of good environment for kids learning with other organizations like UNESCO. Despite the fact that all the blames are put into government and a teacher but there is still a room for individuals to play and make a change of the system. This is because the interests of these kids can be appreciated when you spend more time with them and see how curious they are to learn about phenomena’s surrounding their environment. It’s through this door we see the need for everybody with skills to find time and give back to the community which starts to disintegrate.

The five primary schools visited in Monduli in August 2011 with the aim of formulating science clubs is the living testimony for the thirsty of kids to unveil the hidden secrets of natural environment surrounding them. Kids asked question of who they are today as they seemed to be far away from their ancestors and grandparents and the oral passage of skills from one generation to the next doesn’t seem to work any longer. Children no longer know their roots as the education system and a way of life has completely changed and they aren’t spending more time with their elders anymore to be able to acquire the traditional skills of life.

Mazoezi Primary School Science Club with their Coordinator

The African countries are rich of cultural education but there is no enough documentation and this pose a great challenge to some questions from kids. Providing simple answers as well as giving further reading materials to kids is among the best ways for kids to build the tradition of reading books and searching for information concerning any problem in their daily life.

Learning by doing is another good way for kids to remember easily what they learnt at school and correlate with their surrounding environment. The need for simple models, drawings skills and self expression skills are among the important tool to build inquisitive mind to the kids.

Through school visit we realized the existence of poor social relationship between teachers and pupils in primary schools. The problem get’s intense as you move more in rural areas as compares to town centers or urban areas. This tendency is mainly due to punishment given by the teachers to pupils who eventually lead to make kid’s become dormant in their thinking capacities, self expression as well as curiosity.

Through established science clubs, provided guideline and learning materials we do hope to capture the inquisitive mind to children and build their self expression confidence, though the whole process will highly depend on interaction level between kids, teachers and their surrounding communities.

“To bring changes we need to act together and combine our individual efforts”


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