Science Bloom with UNAWE in Tanzania

On the 10th August 2011 UNAWE-Tanzania in collaboration with UNESCO National Commission in Tanzania brought significant changes to science teaching in 16 primary schools of Tanzania. This project named as KIDS SCIENCE EXPLORATION PROJECT is the result of UNAWE-Tanzania work of KIDS SKY EXPLORATION PROJECT which was mainly conducted in five primary schools of  Monduli region in Arusha.

A group photo after project launch

The new project involves six regions of Tanzania which are Arusha, Dar Es Salaam, Kilimanjaro, Morogoro, Pwani and Unguja (Zanzibar). In this project children are expected to participate on hand activities as a way to increase their curiosity in science subjects. Different materials were provided to assist children and their teachers to be able explain different scientific phenomena.

Through understanding the contribution of Astronomy on awaking the curiosity of the kids in science subjects Galileoscope kits were also provided to these school and enables them to explore the sky and reveal it’s beauty just like the way Galileo did in 400 years ago. The opening ceremony followed after Teachers Training workshop which aimed at increasing teacher’s capacity to use different materials which were provided by UNESCO and UNAWE-Tanzania.

Demonstrating how to assemble Galileoscope

This project is going to be sustainable and more useful to Tanzanian children due to the provision of Science Club guideline which will lead Teachers and club facilitators to run their clubs more efficiently. This manual was developed in a language (Swahili) which is more understandable to children of primary schools.

A teacher describing what is science

This guideline covers the topics of What is Science?, Stories of Famous Scientists, Astronomy, Energy and Power, Our Surrounding Environment and Tanzania National Parks. This guideline is going to sparkle kids curiosity in science and enable them to ask question and make them have a thirst of knowing more about science, through this we do expect to have an increased number of children who take science in secondary school level and university level. “The real Changes Starts with children”

For more information in Swahili


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