Patience With Kids at TMA Monduli

It has been almost one year since the last time staying with kids learning about our earth. There comes a very nice Sunday when I received a call from my aunt’s daughter telling me that I should go and teach astronomy. I had some plans for Sunday as a Christian and I am supposed to obey the 3rd command from the bible but I could not make it ooh! God forgive me because I did it for the best of our kids.

Essau Losujaki Teaching at Monduli

I have been thinking about my aunt’s children waiting for me and considering that I am also going to learn from them, I decided to prepare myself and get going. I told my cousins that I am going to teach and they decided to come along, so it took less than 20 minutes to prepare them ready to come with me. We arrived around lunch time but kids could not eat as they preferred to learn first and eat later. I was so happy to see them eager to learn about the earth science.

We started the lesson by asking kids some few general questions about the Earth and they responded that everyone has a different idea according to their ability of thinking, and the following are some of answers from a group of kids ranged from 7 to 13 years.

Some of the kids said that Earth is composed and surrounded by the sky, land, water bodies and the vegetations. We went further to explore what’s within the sky such as stars, Sun, Moon, Meteorites, Asteroid, rainbow, some organisms, clouds, and thunderstorm. During our discussion one kid raised a question on how does a star forms?

What we know of the Star

A class seven pupils answered that, it is formed when there is a collision between big bodies in the sky and breakage occurs resulting into small bodies which shine on the are the ones we so call stars. It was a very exciting explanation I could not expect but showed that these kids have a curios mind of understanding nature.  The class was a mixture of pupils from English medium school and the rest from the local public schools and it was like a game and nobody was ready to lose when a question was raised.

I took some time using the earth ball to explain the earth, continents, and oceans as well gave a clarification on the birth of the star through the process of gas gathering, condensation and burning of hot gases which makes the glowing of the star in the sky.

The most interesting part was that kids were able to mention almost all continents and tell people who originate in the particular continent and live there till now. Other pupils were able to correlate the famous football players in respect to their countries and I was so happy the way kids could relate things.

The interesting lesson ended by making some drawings about anything they have ever come across by seeing or being in contact with in the course of their life. All kids were able to come up with nice drawings from what they have seen in the sky and on the land, they colored them and showed them to one another. As usual the end of a beautiful story renders the listeners in a hard situation as they didn’t want it to reach to an end.

“Keep on awaking our children and the fruits will be revealed as time goes on”.

Thank you!

By Essau W. Losujaki


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