A Year With UNAWE

It started something small, an ideas on what might help society to understand their natural environment and link with the current proliferation of knowledge and understanding, to informal traditional knowledge in lost African cultural, values and traditions. We thought that we could retrieve this link by imposing understanding of the universe to kids of Africa and let them compare with tales from their parents and grands.

Carolina Odman

Thanks to Dr. Carolina Odman for seeing the potential on this and took a step on publishing it and finally got funded byBlackrock Castle Observatory (BCO) and Cork City Council in partnership with Cork Printmakers in Ireland to the extent that kids of Monduli benefited by being the first group to inaugurate Kids Sky Exploration Project August 2009 in Tanzania.

Within the year we had great number of youth with the quench of seeing changes, who volunteered to join the efforts and made this dream a reality. We highly appreciate positive involvement of Adeh, Joeline, Deodatus, Mwakalapa, Irene, Fatuma, Victor, Dr. Jiwaji, Dr. Karugila, Essau, Lewis and Mr. Chama to mention the few. This group in collaboration with  five Primary Schools in Monduli District, Milama and Solomoni Mahlangu Primary schools in Morogoro region, Mbezi Juu Primary school and SOS children village managed to reach to over more than 1000 kids through out the Nation.

Joeline with Kids

 The year was also filled with charity educational activities as well as public outreach during 100 hours of Telescope, Solar Eclipse and Galilean Night. These activities and much more allowed the public look through the telescope for the first time and see the sky above closer. These activities enriched the understanding of our heavens above from children level to adult level and managed to cause that Wow! effect to most and opened a new room of curiosity in their minds.

Happy Children in Monduli

Among unforgettable moments is the creation of strong relationship with Portland Astronomical Society in Maine through Joan Chimberlin and Thilina in from Astro Book Drive. The relationship enabled us to get teaching resources for the benefit of  Tanzania Society, we also received Dobsonian Telescope for various sky watch activities for the public and school. Through our own efforts we managed to purchase a projector for teaching purpose and last but not least opened a library that will continue to serve the public today and tomorrow.

UNAWE-Tanzania Library

Near the end of the year we launched a new program that aims at increase the level of reading behavior among young generation  known Books For Us which shall still be implemented in the next coming years though it will be in a limited profile as most of members will not be around to provide the service. UNAWE-Tanzania will continue to work with the public and schools and will be back to full function after two years but we currently ask you to make use of our contact for any need and inquaries.

Mr&Mrs Chamberlin with Adeh in Maine

We have pave the way and we have all that  it takes to educate the next generation, we welcome you to join hands on making a world an educative place for children.


One thought on “A Year With UNAWE

  1. Carolina says:

    What a wonderful report, you guys have been doing amazing work and set a model for such an organisation. Bravo again and we are always looking forward to working with you in the future! I wish you to reach every bright child in Tanzania with your books, telescopes and wonderful personalities.

    Heartfelt congratulations to all of you!


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