Born With a Bang

Born with a Bang Book

Born with a Bank is a book that tells about the creation of the universe from the small spark which grown so big into a universe we are seeing today. This book tells a story of a universe as small child growing in a mother’s stomach and accompanied with illustrations which give easy understanding of the Universe complexity to children and anyone with interest to discover the mystery of it. In this book the Universe is known to have a dream of having stars, galaxies, ocean, fish, animals, plants and people we are today. The universe went a great miles to achieve all these and it all came from energy of the Big Bang to Hydrogen formation, mother star formation, Carbon Formation, Galaxy Formation, Milkway Formation, Our Sun formation, Planet Earth and Finally our oceans and bodies of water on Earth’s surface.

I gave this book to some kids to read and we stayed to discuss it together and finally asked them to send me their comments as seen below:-

Hello my name is Mark.

In this book I learn how to arrange the nine planets like Mercury ,Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and people can not survive without air, water and food and I knew the universe was 13 billion years old.

Mark Mzava


  1. Energy turns into?
  2. Which is the 6th planet?
  3. Which is the 9th planet?

Answer: Hello Mark I think you can answer question number two and three just by remember the arrangement of the Planets in the Solar system as well as count them from your book comment since they are in order. I think you can also remember the Encarta kid game we played where you arranged all the planets in Order and you were so happy as it is seen on the video below.

I would like another kid to help Mark with First question


I am Penina Mzava.I am studying class 4 B in Trust St Patrick School. I Learned a book called BORN WITH A BANG Book one. In this book I learned about motherstars, they are huge and gigantic groups spiraled in space, and also our cosmic story from the universe, and the atoms of hydrogen, and birds swooping on their prey and when motherstar mixed together bunches of hydrogen and baked them at three billion degrees into a lots of different new elements or building blocks. I wish you a good reading in understanding way.


‘Thank You’

From Penina Mnzava



1. Will motherstar come?
2. What does “Cosmic story” mean?
3. How does the equator look like in shape?
4. What does “swooping” mean?
5. What does “Prey” mean?

Dear Lovely Kids let’s help Penina on the questions she has if you know the answers and if you don’t go and ask your teacher or elder to help you. If you are a parent please take these questions to your child and ask him/her to help her fellow friend

Compiled by Mponda


3 thoughts on “Born With a Bang

  1. Joan Chamberlin says:

    This is a really great way of having the children respond to books. I hope that maybe in the future, I will be able to have a chance to get responses from kids here in Maine to your kids in Tanzania.
    Congratulations to these kids!
    Best Wishes.

    • Mponda says:

      Hello Joan

      Yes and I do believe through internet kids of the World will feel united and start sharing whatever that is in their mind without being obtracted by political boundaries.


    • essauwawaa says:

      Hello Joan

      If you succeed to do that Tanzanian kids are going to be so much happy with that great union with the far North.

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