The Longest Solar Eclipse of 2010

Hello Kids and astronomy lovers in Tanzania and World at large. I was so much inspired with the Solar Eclipse event that took place on 11 July 2010 and it was marked as the longest Solar Eclipse of 2010. This spectacular event concided with World Cup Match of 2010 in South Africa which gave even more excitement to young kids who love soccer and science, for the first time in history they were united by the Sky and Soccer which made everything to glitter on that day.

Longest Solar Eclipse of 11th July 2010

In Tanzania we had so much fun viewing the partial  solar eclipse of January 15th  2010 and we missed this one of  July 11 2010 but we felt united with others through internet live broadcast, social network like facebook and twitter as well as via skpe. This eclipse was best viewed in South Pacific which include 63-square-mile Easter Island, 2375 miles off the coast of Chile, which is home to iconic and mysterious monumental stones in human forms that have intrigued people around the globe for centuries.

mysterious monumental stones

mysterious monumental stones

The following video Shows how people were inspired by this spectacular event and they were all busy capturing pictures and videos for documentation and learning purposes. I do hope this activity might leave you with a lot of questions and I would like you start asking those questions today and for sure it will be your new beginning of exploring the everlasting science of human kind.

By Mponda Malozo


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