The African Child Day

Florian working with Abdul of SOS Children Village

This day reminds me a lot of my childhood days. I cannot really forget those moments, the games we played, the songs we sang , the birthdays parties we threw together…all these made most of my childhood memories unforgettable.

But this day threw me back to those moments. First of all, I was so happy to see how the kids were capable of running such a big event. How they organized themselves to show different performances from dances to fashion shows and most of all the awesome acrobatic stuff. I personally did a lot of drawings with the kids, though we never got an opportunity to presents our work to the other kids and guests who were there, so that we could get some comments. But what I can tell you is that, the drawings were amazing because most of them were drawn based on self creativity of the kids, trying to express themselves through arts.

The solar system

Therefore, I can say apart from the pleasure I had working with the kids I also grew to appreciate the children’s capabilities in doing a variety of things. The only thing these children needed is a chance to prove themselves. To me,all this showed how kids have talented minds, and the ability to make things happen. It is then our responsibility to support them and make sure they pursue their dreams and on this particular day, UNAWE Tanzania was doing just that.

By Florian

Abdul working on his masterpiece

I visited the SOS village the day before the event. It was my first time at the village. I met the kids and planned on the day that was ahead of them. Together with the kids, we picked the books that we would read and activities of the day. We also decided on what to draw for the exhibition and what we would have on our booth. The kids were motivated and I was driven by this. I imagined all the wonderful things we would do and all the kids we would have participating in our activities. We planned for a great day!

At nine o’clock on June 16th I was already at the SOS village. We got into the bus with the kids and the trip itself itself was nothing short of fun! There were great sing alongs and I felt young again.

We arrived at the hall about an hour before the celebrations started. There were kids everywhere! Parents too. I was excited to see how the day would turn out so, I did not take my eyes off the various kids that conquered the stage from time to time. I was not disappointed! And although there were no booths, the kids drew pictures that we made into a large collage and stood it on a chair. It was nice to see the diversity in the kids’ imaginations as they drew these pictures.

The SOS crew

Some of the things that I personally enjoyed about the day was the confidence that was shown by the kids in presenting their ideas and the support of the parents in making this day so wonderful. I had never been to these celebrations before and was a little bit skeptical on the organization in general. I knew one thing for sure though, the kids were happy to be there and were determined to make the day like no other. It was on Siku ya mtoto wa Afrika (The African child day) and UNAWE Tanzania was proud to be among the guests and participants through Dar es Salaam SOS children village.

By Adelina


3 thoughts on “The African Child Day

  1. Joan Chamberlin says:

    Sounds like a wonderful event and I’m so excited to read all about it. Great report! I hope that some of the resources that our astronomy club sent are getting used in your events.
    Joan Chamberlin

  2. Mponda Malozo says:

    Hello Joan

    All these ideas that kids had came from the books you supplied, but they did not do the moon phase and eclipse. We shall do that soon with another group and tell you the kids feedback. I do hope it’s gonna be fantastic as it is real tough for them to imagine the changing moon.

    We also do expect to upload a web album for this particular event as there are a lot of nice photos to share with the rest of the world.

  3. Joan Chamberlin says:

    Dear Mponda,
    I’m so glad the ideas in the books are being used. I am looking forward to hear how the moon phase activity works for you. The moon has to be in the sky at the same time as the sun, so you will need to coordinate your event with that.
    Take care, dear friend.

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