My Star

On the 6th June 2010 UNAWE-Tanzania finalized the project it intended to do with the kids at SOS Children Centre in Dar es Salaam. My Star event involved each child of the village on which children were taking a star sticker and stick it on a black paper which represent a night dark sky and formed a known constellation. Each child who placed a star on the paper wrote his/her name beside that star which marks participation on the program and a memory to let these kids become more connected to the sky above when they find and look onto their respective stars in the sky above from wherever they are in on the globe.

Canis Major Made by SOS kids

During the last for weeks children were involved in drawing classes where they were first taught to imagine, then basics of drawing followed by method of coloring and finally four kids were selected to draw joint picture of Mt. Kilimanjaro with the sunset view

Orion Made by SOS Kids

These pictures made by children shall be a long memory to kids as they shall be hanged at the SOS village in Dar es Salaam. We do hope this is the best gift for the kids and we shall still be paying visit to these kids and give them different books, CD’s and other materials that UNAWE-Tanzania has, as a way to keeps their spirit toward the curiosity of the sky, astronomy and science in consistence.

By Mponda


3 thoughts on “My Star

  1. Joan Chamberlin says:

    Wonderful, project, Mponda! What a cool idea! I will have to try this with some kids here in Maine!

  2. Carolina says:

    Wonderful! I love the peace education angle you’re taking.
    When children are at peace, their mind is open to learning even more and better!
    Congratulations 🙂

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