International Space Station (ISS) at Agape Sec School

On Wednesday 26th at 7:15 pm and on Friday 28th at the International Space Station (ISS) crossed the Tanzania sky from north west  and disappeared when it nears the Southern Cross on Wednesday and brightly viewed at  6:29 from north west to south passed close to Venus in the East and the Southern Cross in the South on Friday. This information was provided by Dr. Noorali Jiwaji from Tanzania and circulated to astronomy contact group in Tanzania.

A spectacular activity took place at Agape Secondary School guided by this accurate information and students were able to be amazed by ISS and the following are the words from Mr. Kijoti and Dr. Jiwaji on how they were excited by the event as well as students reception.

Internation Space Station

Dear Dr. Jiwaji.

Many regards.

I thank you so much for making us, Agape Astronomy Club (AAC) awake as far as Astronomy is concerned.

The pre-information concerning ISS was wonderful. First the timing and secondly the direction it was heading. If it were not the fact that we knew the direction in advance, we would have been fooled by another object which was passing in the sky almost at the same time.

The sky on Wednesday favoured us. It was as clear as any Astronomer would have wished it to be!

The lucky was not on our side on Friday. The sky was covered with thick clouds and we could not see anything. However the Wednesday observation rewarded us.

There raised some questions among my fellow members of staff as well as from the students which I couldn’t answer them at once. I mention them below and would like to hear from you.

1. How big could this ISS be?

2. How far or high above the Earth is it travelling?

3. The bright light that we saw, was it its own or was it a reflection?

4. Why did it dissapear so sudden?

5. Where were it being observed, throghout Tz, E.A. the whole of Africa?

6. Was it already out of gravitational influence?

7. Were there any astronounts inside?

Thank you and stay blessed.



The following is the excitement from Dr. Jiwaji after getting the good news of his marvelous work.

Dear Mr Kijoti

I am extremely happy that your students have raised so many questions after seeing for themselves the ISS passing over their night sky at the exactly predicted time. I saw it too on that day and it was really satisfying.  The questions that your students have raised are really insightful and shows how eager people become after just one such wonderful experience. And this is just of the thousands of experiences that still await them.

Can I suggest that your students TRY to answer these themselves first, using either any resources that they may have such as discussing with each other, books, websites, etc.  I will send my own answers after a few days and it would be an educational experience to compare and the answers and discuss them again.  I am sharing the questions with our ACG members for them to also think about the answers. Let me know by email your answers.

Hope this can become an exciting science project.

Best regards


The following are answers given by Agape Students following their observation and a comment from Dr. Jiwaji at Students Questions & Answers about ISS

UNAWE-Tanzania is also very happy for this good news received from Mr. Kijot and his Students as well as the good job done by Dr. Jiwaji to keep us update on whatever happens in the World of Astronomy. We as UNAWE-Tanzania shall send some books to Mr. Kijoti to help him and his students to get more answers about ISS, Space Exploration and Astronomy in General and for you (reader) please find answer for these questions at  Kijoti quiz answers


3 thoughts on “International Space Station (ISS) at Agape Sec School

  1. JP says:

    1. The mass of all currently installed modules together is 262.2 tons and has a capacity of about 574 m³. The maximum dimensions are 52 m in length (from Zvezda to Harmony/PMA-2), 92.7 meters wide (from P6 to S6) and 27.4 m high.

    2. In March 2009 the station was located at an altitude of about 355 km.

    3. The light is most likely reflection of sun light , something similar as with our moon.

    4. The moment it dis appeared it moved in to the shade of the earth , and therefor it doesnt reflect any light anymore.

    For the rest of questions i dont know the answer.

  2. JP says:

    6 I’n not sure about this one , but asfar as i know.
    They are in range of gravitational influence , and they need to maintain a certain speed (escape velocity) to stay in an orbit around the earth.

    Every mass is atracted by other masses , the bigger the mass , the bigger the atraction.
    Atraction forces work similar like magnetic forces.
    The attraction force is inversely quadratic proportional to the distance.
    When the distance increases 2 times, then the atraction forces decreases 4 times (and vice versa).
    When the distance increases 4 times, then the atraction forces decreases 16 times smaller.

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