Astro-Book Drive in Tanzania

On 20th May 2010 UNAWE-Tanzania successful received books, CD’s, posters and other teaching materials for outreach activities of Astronomy in Schools, Science Centres and the whole public with interest to Astronomy. These materials were received from the Great Portland Astronomical Society of Maine, USA and they are suitable for Children from 3 years of age as well as for anyone interested in astronomy including armatures and professionals.

UNAWE-Tanzania is going to make these materials available to the whole society through science centers, school clubs and the whole public by borrowing them whether online or physical from our office located at Mbezi Juu.

In school clubs and science centers members will have access to these books from UNAWE-Tanzania volunteers and they will be given books to study for a given time and then they will all together sit down to discuss and share ideas about the book and it’s relevance.

Individuals shall have an opportunity to read these books or other materials and finally be able to meet with UNAWE-Tanzania representatives to answer question or get clarification about confusing concepts.

Currently UNAWE-Tanzania will operate in Dar Es Salaam city, but mailing serving of books can be done to those schools which have already been visited by us from other regions within the country.

UNAWE-Tanzania is so thankful to Great Portland Astronomical Society of Maine, USA for time support on material donation and shipping to Tanzania. We promise to make good use of these resources for the benefit of the whole society and spear head the spirit of science to kids.

Please visit Resources For you Page to be Able to see list of material we provide as well as how you can borrow or click


12 thoughts on “Astro-Book Drive in Tanzania

  1. Escain Kiwonde says:

    Wow, thats great Mponda. I will visit your office to get more information through the new books, CD’s, posters and other teaching materials as we should be able to teach our children the truth about Astronomy.

    Thanks to Great Portland Astronomical Society of Maine, USA that we now have more materials to get the information we need.
    All the best Mponda.

  2. pelezi ruffo says:

    Ndio Mr Mponda,

    I’m happy to hear that about the books for our kids,
    but i think the effort should be given to that because
    if the books written in English so intensive elaboration needed to our kids especial those are in the rural areas,

    so i beg all people who are willing to volunteer on this to join the Unawe Tanzania.


    • unawetanzania says:

      Dear Mr. Pelezi
      Translating everything into Swahili is another thing that we will have to work on. I will need more interested people to pick these books read and finally we discuss them together then we shall see how best we can both translate these into swahili. I think that is going to be the next project for us though we are already good teaching in Swahili

  3. William Matungwa says:

    I think that is an advanced stage toward enriching our children with full education on Astronomical issue, Congratulation Mr. Mponda. Please whenever you need the assistance dont hestitate to contact us.

    • unawetanzania says:

      Right now I need more primary school teachers to come and pick these books to read for fun before we take them into Astronomy Training. If there is anything you can do I welcome you Sir

  4. William Matungwa says:

    Thank you , how can we access those books especially for us who we are far from Dar! Please if possible send me one book so that I can use it to give more elaboration for people in Mbeya. Karibu

  5. unawetanzania says:

    Dear Mr. Matuwille
    You can have access of the books by following simple procedures elaborated on Resource page. All you have to do is to download list of the books to your computer and selected the one that best describe your needs and we shall be ready to post it you based on agreed condition between us. Please do so and make use of our contact

  6. SN says:

    Mponda, kwanza, Hongera!

    I am really fascinated by the work you guys are doing. I will blog about your project and try to get some ppl on board (re: translation project).

    Check out our website tomorrow (Monday).

    • unawetanzania says:

      Habari SN, Nami pia nimefurahishwa sana na kazi mnayouifanya ya kuwafumbua macho watanzania na pia kuwapa taarifa sahihi ambazo zinawasaidia katika maisha.
      Sisi pia tupo tayari kushirikiana na kila mtu mwenye nia ya kuwapa elimu watanzania wadogo kwani wao ndio taifa tunalolitegemea.

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