Saturn for Kids at Global Star Party

We couldn’t let go the beauty view of Saturn for kids this Saturday. We arrived early at children’s village and made sure that our telescope was well set for each kid to have a spectacular view of Saturn. This night was one of the kind all around the world with a lot of Star party activities taking place in schools, science centers and sidewalk astronomy, children in Tanzania had this unique opportunity to join the rest of the World by looking at the beautiful planet Saturn with it’s rings.

Kids for Saturn Watch

It was nice to hear comments from kids when they looked at Saturn for the first time. The one that we liked the most was a simple description that “Saturn was looking like a bowl (kibakuli)” from one of the child. At this night most children were so much keen on their first experience with Saturn to an extent that they could recognize Moon’s of Saturn. Some children started to wonder of how the Night would be on Saturn with all those Moon’s up in the sky.

Kids were so much patient in line this night and went one by one to have a look at the amazing Planet Saturn. It was a bit not so easy to some kids to real believe what they were seeing on the night sky above and what was seen on the telescope, some thought telescope was a device like a monitor that produce a readymade picture; but after a little conversation they all came to understand that telescope is just a device that is used to look at far distance objects by simple principle of reflection and magnification by using a magnifying lens.

It is not always very easy to get attention of adults to get involved in kids’ activity but due to special touch of astronomy we had an opportunity to receive an adult who heard a lot from the kids and she finally decided to come and witness the wonders of the sky. We had nice moment conversing with her and cleared all her doubt, worries and questions that she had.

With this experience we would recommend more outreach activities to make young kids and the whole public to become aware of how simple efforts can make great changes to society.

By Mponda


2 thoughts on “Saturn for Kids at Global Star Party

  1. pelezi ruffo says:

    hey mr mponda,

    hope your doing well.
    i am happy to see and red what your doing everyday.
    also in the time you have explain the issues concerning astronomy.

    but today i have a question to you,
    may u explain to me what is the milk galaxy ???



  2. unawetanzania says:

    Dear Mr. Pelezi
    I am pleased to see that you are making a follow up on this blog’s content. Milkway is the name given to our galaxy on which Sun is one among the Stars in this huge collection of Stars floating in the universe by the force of gravity.

    Galaxy itself is a massive gravitational bound system consist of stars, stellar remnants, an interstellar medium of gas and dust and poorly understood dark matter component.

    We have got one nice DVD called “Journey to the Stars” that can clearly elaborate about this and we would be happy to borrow this to you and understand further about galaxy and stars.

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