Dr. Jiwaji’s Experience With Kids at Starry Night

Celestrone Firstscope

Dr. Noorali Jiwaji

On the night we Travel with the Moon Dr. Jiwaji from Open University of Tanzania had an opportunity to share the starry night with the Kids and the following was his experience that he would like to share.



The Orion binoculars were first used to introduce the kids to looking at the Moon, and then the Celestron FirstScope telescope was used to show more details on the Moon to the kids.

Though it was chaotic, the kids were quite well behaved, which shows that they were truly interested in seeing how it looked through the binoculars and telescope.= how to describe what they saw in English and in Kiswahili, whichever language they were comfortable with,

ALL the kids were able to look at the Moon through the small telescope and some came back several times!!

Several questions were raised with the kids. 

Orion Binocular

For example:=

in what way would something look different when viewed with the naked eyes and through a telescope or binoculars, with the example of a car that is seen when far away and how it looks when very close by.


= drawing what they saw through the telescope, why the moon had points at either end of the crescent.


= why the moon was going down in the western horizon, in relation to imagining what was happening to the ground they were standing on,

It will be worth following up on the answers and to guide the kids to improve their understanding of the heavens.

 I think it’s your turn to ask yourself if you have ever asks those questions or if you have answers to them. If you have never and you don’t have answer’s, I think it’s time you start consider revising because children’s might be ahead of you so soon.

By Noorali Jiwaji


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