Greetings From Saturn at GAM Night

On the 9th April Tanzania joined the rest of the world to celebrate Global Astronomical Month (GAM) like no other star party activity, GAM in Tanzania was one of the kind by bringing civilians and students of Azania Secondary School together.

Kids Watching Saturn

The event started at 6:30 pm by taking all the participants to the hall and a talk about the meaning of GAM and Star Peace was given for creating a unification atmosphere among each participant followed by a video of trailer for GAM and 30 Nights of Star Peace.

Soon after going through the Meaning of GAM and movie trailer a software of sterallium was introduced to participants and we altogether went through it’s various features followed by a session of question and answers from the participants.

Look up event took place from the Soccer Pitch of Azania Sec School and we were lucky to have clear sky, zero cloud and sparkling sky due to few rains which washed away atmospheric dust. In this night we could go through the famous constellation of Orion, Virgo, Scorpion as well as Southern Cross was clearly seen.

Dr. Jiwaji Assisting a child to locate Saturn

Dr. Noorali Jiwaji shared his fantastic experience of the night sky by answering questions, talking about star distance from us, giving out star names and energy by pointing toward these stars with laser pointer which made the whole event much more fascinating.

The whole scene was overwhelmed by seeing the magnificent planet Saturn with it’s ring through the telescope. Everyone was very surprised and could not believe that they were actually looking at Saturn for the first time in their life through the telescope.

This event brought more enthusiasm to Azania Students, young kids, teachers as well as parents who came a long way to witness this spectacular event.

We do believe that the spirit of looking up at the stars has just opened its way in Tanzania.

By Mponda


2 thoughts on “Greetings From Saturn at GAM Night

  1. Joan Chamberlin says:

    Dear Mponda and Members of your group,
    Again you have a wonderful event that is so inspiring! Congratulations! GAM is really going strong there in Tanzania!
    Best Wishes,
    Joan Chamberlin
    Greater Portland Astronomical Society

    • Mponda says:

      We real thank you Joan for always being their to encourage us on every step that we move. The whole team wish you clear sky this Sunday

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