Back Through Time to Meet Galileo With Kids

When UNAWE Tanzania Team decided to work with SOS Children’s Village none of them knew how the end could have been. However during the four week journey we felt our first experience on multiple visits to children and saw the impact of our outreach and work of volunteerism. Like a shinning Venus in the sky, the eyes, ears and minds of children were always sparking with curiosity and the need to know more. The lesson we taught never ended in one hour period but extended to the classroom.

Teachers were receiving strange questions, teachers were surprised with information that kids had concerning sky, earth and weather. A new


Door was opened through children and the teacher was officially welcomed by the kids to attend the final session. Through the work and curiosity of kids we now have a teacher on board.

On 3rd April 2010 UNAWE-Tanzania paid its fourth visit to SOS Children’s Village to mark the end of the phase one of “Kids Sky Exploration Programme” and getting ready to launch it’s second phase programme which will be known as “Taking Art and Science to kids”. On this very special day the kids were introduced to basics of arts by one of our volunteer Mr. Lewis Mmbando, whereby in his class he included all of the four groups of kids from 3-15 years old. During the whole period the kids were very much attentive and their responses were encouraging.

The Art session took forty five minutes followed by small From Earth to Universe photo Exhibition on which kids were going through photos, reflect what they had been taught and ask questions to what they see on the photos. There was a short break for Kids to go back home take bath and came for Astronomical films at 1900 hours.

Galileo with His Telescope

The film was an animation which took us 400 years back and met Galileo in the house arrest; where we observed the night sky with Galileo, used his telescope and asked him on how he was seeing Jupiter, Saturn, phases of Venus and the Sun. In the film Galileo was so happy to know that the four moons of Jupiter are named after him, happy to know that he is acknowledged as the father of astronomy, but with all these Galileo was so surprised to hear new terminologies of light pollution and global warming and he requested to travel back through space to our time.

Just at arriving Galileo was blinded by the light pollution we have today, he was wondering how we use stars to tell time and seasons of the year. He finally made his conclusion that we don’t do that anymore due to light pollution, our host took him to see how we measure light pollution and efforts we are doing to minimize light pollution and preserve our dark skies.

This movie made the whole cloud of kids very quiet and tentative not to miss a word, which was obviously followed by many question like where did Galileo live? How did he die? How was his telescope and many more. Kids Wondered about the difference between the Telescopes we then saw the need to have both telescope when we pay them a visit for telescope viewing.

We UNAWE-Tanzania would like to extend our sincere thanks to Mr. Maneno Hassan for devoting his holiday time to spend with the kids at SOS Children’s Village and shared his teaching experience with us.

Next Saturday shall be taking kids into art classes and prepare them to present their science ideas and inventions through arts

UNAWE –Tanzania wishes you happy holidays and welcomes you all to join hands on inspiring kids to science.

By Joeline Ezekiel


We could not attach photos as village regulation does not allow to use kids photo in public


One thought on “Back Through Time to Meet Galileo With Kids

  1. Joan Chamberlin says:

    What a terrific event! Your group is very inspiring and I would love to have been there with you to watch the children. Every time I read about what your group is doing, I think how lucky we are to know such dedicated and creative astronomy educators. I hope to meet all of you one day. Keep up the very important work that you all do.

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