While the second week at SOS the kids were introduced with solar system, earth movements, moon, tides and eclipses. On 27th March UNAWE’s pays its third visit at SOS Children’s Village with a different outlook, aiming at introducing the kids to the universe. This time the kids were aware of our arrival with the younger kids even more punctual than the grownups. This however proves to UNAWE and other member of the village that Science should start at the early stage of human lives than the later.

This week the kids were grouped together and introduced to our home in the universe and what universe is by Mponda Malozo.  They were taught about the stars formation and extinction, the galaxies and they were so amazed to know that stars have lives too like human beings.

star dust

After the short introduction of the universe, the kids were taken to a board room, where they get an opportunity to be introduced to stellarium program whereby the kids get an opportunity to watch the pictures of the stars, planets and galaxies with the help of the

projector. We also showed them the galaxies as from the Milky Way galaxy our home and also the location of the sun and the solar family and they were so amazed when they realized that there are millions of other galaxies in the universe. They were so amazed by seeing the heavenly bodies in the space and how easy to use thee program to find objects in the atmosphere. We started by showing them the planets and to see them they were required to mention their names from the first to the last. We were amazed on how they mastered it so fast because they had already mastered their arrangements perfectly. We manage also showed them the stars, constellation and the famous clusters such as the Southern Cross, the hunter and other more. All the way along we were accompanied with lots of questions from the kids. And for the first time the kids requested us if we could go there daily.

However this week’s UNAWE-Tanzania was added up by a new volunteer Mr. Lewis Mmbando who will be helping out to teach the kids how to paint. This will however be incorporated with Astronomy.

Next week will witness the UNAWE-Tanzania launching its Telescope with SOS Children’s Village kids.

By Victor Sitayo

Edited by Joeline Ezekiel



  1. Joan Chamberlin says:

    Hell Dear Friends,
    Again I congratulate you on a superb job of doing outreach! Keep up the great work.

    Best Wishes,
    Joan Chamberlin
    Greater Portland Astronomical Society

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