More News from SOS with Enthusiasm Increase

On March 20th 2010 at 1630 hours UNAWE-Tanzania Team paid a second visit at SOS Children Village in Ubungo Dar es Salaam, this marked the beginning of one month series of teaching children about the Universe, sky, Earth and Astronomy with the aim of inspiring kids in Science.

On our second visit to the village the children were not only aware of our visit but we found them well prepared gathered waiting for us. On our arriving everyone were told to go to their respective group and as usually  each had UNAWE experts to attend to, first group consisted of children from the age of three to seven year whereby this time Essau Losujaki with the help of Fatma Kitine were responsible for this group. All other remaining groups were well attended by their respective UNAWE volunteers with exception of the last group which consisted of children aged 13 and above whom last Saturday were with Mponda Malozo but this week were with Joeline Ezekiel.

This second week’s topic was about Earth where the kids were familiarized about our planet Earth, rotation and revolution of the earth, Solar system, Eclipses and Moon.

As the first week‘s revelation about SOS kids they continue to amaze the UNAWE team with their knowledge and general understanding of our planet earth and it surrounding, solar system and moon. The older kids continue to amaze about how they were well prepared with questions and well alert of the current situation. I talked about earth, solar system, moon and a little about eclipses the rest of the session ended up answering different questions posed to me by the kids. Due to the time limit I also request them to write down all of the unanswered questions and when we meet again next week we will discuss them together.

“The kids are wonderful, you never get tired to be with them although I am planning to go back to college on Monday but I will definitely be back on Saturday to be with them ” says Mr. Maneno at the end of the session when I request each of them to give me briefs of his day with the kids. He comments also about the understanding capacity of the kids which he says is very high and good for they were able also to reflect back what they were taught last Saturday.

The comments were more or lees the same from Mr. Victor with the exception to Mr. Essau who was dealing with the young group. Mr. Essau introduce the kids to what earth is what can be seen in the planet earth, rotation of the earth, day and night, sun and  stars. The kids also get a chance to sing with Mr. Essau. Dealing with this age is very hard you have to try different tactics with them but I am happy to meet them and be with them says Mr. Essau.

However this week’s visit receives a comment from Villages Educator (Mr. Victor) who says that him personally, the kids and the rest members of the village are happy of UNAWE-Tanzania visits to the village.

Next week (27th March) on Saturday at 4: 30 pm UNAWE team will pay its third visit to the village and we shall be talking about the universe (Stars Planets Milky way and Galaxies). This weeks also will get the kids to a new phase for they will get an opportunity to be also with Mr. Lewis Mbando who will teach the kids how to paint.

If you want to be part of us UNAWE initiative on inspiring kids to science, UNAWE welcomes you and feel free to contact us.

By: Joeline Ezekiel


3 thoughts on “More News from SOS with Enthusiasm Increase

  1. Thilina Heenatigala says:

    This is wonderful effort. Educating children is one of the most important duties we need to full-fill. They are the future of the world. Future depends on what we leave behind and what we teach the children of today.

    Congratulations to UNAWE-Tanzania for this great effort.

    Thilina Heenatigala

  2. Essau says:

    Congratulation for the very nice report u hv produced.Am so much excited with it.Hope our kids will continue to know the mystreious of our universe.Icall for everyone to join us and share whatever beneficial for kids.
    Thanks .
    Essau-UNAWE TZ

    • Joan Chamberlin says:

      I agree with Thilina that you are all doing a wonderful job working with the children to teach them about the universe and science. It is so inspiring to see young people like you donating your time to this project. You are all very special!

      Joan Chamberlin
      Greater Portland Astronomical Society
      Portland, Maine, USA

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