Cheering At SOS Children Village in Dar

Exploring our Solar Family

On March 13th 2010 at 1630 hours UNAWE-Tanzania Team paid a first visit at SOS Children Village in Ubungo Dar es Salaam, this marked the beginning of one month series of teaching children about the Universe, sky, Earth and Astronomy with the aim of inspiring kids in Science.

Children were well aware of our visit through village educator Mr. Victor, who helped us gather children together for us to begin us session. Children have responded positively to the call and we had children from the age of approximately three to fourteen years of age. These children were told briefly about the aim of the visit and the final task of making skies of their own and sky watch through telescope on the final week.

Four groups were then formed and each had UNAWE experts to attend to, first group consisted of children from the age of three to seven year and Joeline Ezekieli with assistance of Fatuma Kitine were responsible for this particular age. Second Group Consisted of Eight to Nine years of age and this group was attended by Victor Emmanuel, third group consisted of ten to twelve years of age and was attended by Maneno Hassan, the final group include children aged 13 and above and it was attended by Mponda Malozo and Albert Kisongora.

Knowing me Knowing you gathering

This first week’s topic was getting familiar with the groups and giving general overview of what the children knows of the sky, Earth Stars and Astronomy in general. The general finding’s of the UNAWE team was spectacular children’s who are well enrich with information and much, eager to learn, free to ask question and ready to cooperate in order to learn. We do believe SOS is one spot where we have come across the whole country and children with different capacity.

Next week (20th March) on Saturday at 4: 30 pm UNAWE team will pay its second visit at this village and we shall be talking about Earth, Solar System, Eclipse and Moon. If you want to be part of us UNAWE initiative on inspiring kids to science, UNAWE welcomes you and feel free to contact us.


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