UNAWE for Charity at SOS Children Village

UNAWE Tanzania is going beyond International Year of Astronomy 2009 by paying a long visit at SOS Children village in Dar-es-Salaam. Through Kids Sky Exploration Project of UNAWE Tanzania we have seen the need to reach orphaned children at SOS children in Dar es Salaam and share with them the passion of science through Astronomy.

UNAWE Team shall pay a visit to SOS for a period of four weeks on each Saturday starting from 13th March till 3rd April 2010 for a duration of one hour in each visit. We believe these children have different dreams and ambitions and we shall be there to share dreams and facilitate their decision towards reaching their big dreams in life. Every individual or organization that is willing to cooperate or would like to join us in any of the event is very much welcomed as we shall be singing, dancing, playing games, tell stories and giving lectures on astronomy, science, earth and education in general.

Kids are going to be dividing into four groups according to age to from 6 year to 13 years.  If you would love to contribute anything for kids at SOS please feel free to visit our contact page and let us know inorder for us to facilitate the way you can present you contribution and for those who shall need to participate during the sessions we shall update time table and topic right here on our website.

By Mponda


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