Crescent Sun Eclipse in Tanzania

Back in 15th January we had a magnificent Solar Eclipse which awakes the curiosity and interest of many young Scientist. The following is the story on how the event was witnessed by different viewer’s especially young ones in Tanzania.

“At Aga Khan Primary School Dar es Salaam, I used strips from a video tape film, first for the teachers to see the eclipse before they organized pupils from most of the classes to see the eclipse with all the precautions. Over 500 pupils used the film strips to see the eclipse between 7:30am and 9:50am. Some of upper graders have been advised to draw stages of eclipse they saw. I am waiting to see what will come up!” Chale, Antipas. J

Here is what they Came up with

Solar Eclipse at Agape LJ School though no darkness was observed the changes in the Sun shines gave a different tell. I used normal sun glass to observe what was happening in the sky, it couldn’t work! I tried to a developed photographic film still in vain. The Sun’s light was too intense to be accommodated on naked eyes. One of my Form one student gave out a ribbon of undeveloped photographic film. Waooh! What a nice view. The Moon approaches the sun and we could see clearly how it tried to block the light coming to our Planet Earth at different degrees. This phenomenon took about three hours from 7:15 am to 10:15 am

by Kijoti from Kilimanjaro

This event was not excitement just to Kids as Mr. Oscar from Biafra Dar es Salaam shared this moment with adults as well as young Children around the area. Here follows is comment from an adult. “It was a special experience yes we saw and witnessed the event.  How nice for theory to be demonstrated in this way!  Thank you for keeping us informed” J. Msolla

UNAWE-Tanzania would like to thank Mr. Oscar for being the front person to spread the news to all teachers in Tanzania through their Teachers’ Network, Abraham Samma for nice photos of crescent Solar Eclipse and we do believe we shall manage to reach out  more kids and change science perspective through Astronomy in Tanzania.

By UNAWE-Tanzania


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