Assembly Solar eclipse at Mbezi Juu Primary School

It started very earl in the morning around 7:02am when I woke up and took my sun viewer and walk outside. I was disappointed for a moment as I couldn’t see anything happening above and wanted to go back to sleep, until Eliezer Mwakalapa came to my rescue. The actual plan went on as arranged, so we started our on foot journey to Mbezi juu primary school. There we met the teacher on duty and she was very grateful to see us and she wanted also to share the view with us as we explained who we are and what are our mission was and she was real excited. Thereafter the bell was ringed and the kids come to the assembly ground.

They were explained what was happening during that time of the day and they were very excited to see it as they saw guests in their school with the sun viewer. At first we wanted to use dish with water to view the crescent sun but we failed because the landscape was not too friendly with us for it was too steep it could not aligned the water basin to see the reflection of the sun so we had to use only one method using the sun viewer.The kids came in groups of ten at a time and I was the one to explain what was happening and how is happening and its effect on earth and when will it be happening again, since we were outside I demonstrated it on the ground, meanwhile Eliezer Mwakalapa was taking most of the pictures and directing other kids viewing the solar eclipse.

It was so amazing how the kids were describing what they were seeing, first they were able to distinguish which is the moon shadow and which one is the sun but as the eclipse takes the clines some were able still to distinguish but other say they saw only the moon which was the crescent sun, other were saying they only see red shadow, some even feared what was going to happen during the event of eclipse so we had to explain to them that is just the phenomenon which happens and seen every year in different places around the world. We explained to them that it is caused by the revolution of the earth around the sun and also the revolution of the moon around the earth, during these revolutions the three might align themselves in a straight line in which the moon comes between the sun and the earth thus obscure sun light from getting on the Earth’s surface.

Seeing the excitement of the kids in Mbezi Juu Primary School after seeing the solar eclipse was really a pleasure to us and made us want to go back there again.


Eliezer and Joeline

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3 thoughts on “Assembly Solar eclipse at Mbezi Juu Primary School

  1. Blessing Baraka says:

    Daaah amazing sana mmenikumbusha mbali kipindi mlipokuja shule #mbezi_juu 2010 tuliinjoy sana na hilo somo la Solar eclipse

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