KSE at Solomon Mahlangu Primary School in Morogoro

By Alex Tudorica from Romania

Kids Sky Exploration (KSE) on January 16th visited Solomoni Mahlangu Primary School in Morogoro region. The school is situated at Solomon Mahlangu campus of Sokoine University of Agriculture as well as the former camp for South Africa freedom fighter in Tanzania. When you visit the place you will be received by Solomon’s word just before he was hanged Tell my people that I love them and that they must continue the struggle. My blood will nourish the tree that will bear the fruits of freedom. Alluta continua!” UNAWE says “Tell my Children that I love them and that they must continue the struggle. Our efforts will nourish the generation that will bear the fruits of Science. Alluta continua…!”

It was a long journey for UNAWE-Tanzania from Dar es Salaam to Morogoro which is about 200 km and it was three hours drive by public bus. We scheduled to start at 10:00 am but started at 11:00 am which was one hour delay and we are real sorry for keeping our enthuastic kids waiting.

 Despite the delay we found kids happy and very nervous to learn what happened during Lunar and Solar eclipse as well as much more of what is occupying the universe. Teachers and EWAT members did a great job to cheer children while we were on the way as well as during eclipse events at New Year’s Eve and 15th January Solar eclipse. Their efforts were vivid as children had a lot of knowledge of stars, sky, sun, planets and the moon. This was the first school that we heard a primary school student talked about Big Dipper, asked question on who invented satellite and on which year.

 When we asked teachers about their children’s performance and interest in science we were told an amazing story and history of the school.  Children’s at this school are performing well in Mathematics within the Morogoro Municipality and they had a student who broke the record by scoring 100% in National Standard Seven Mathematics exams. They always have curious kids who have ambitions to become world hero through science.  

The realization of our place in the universe with kids was a wonderful and humbling experience that brought a peaceful contemplation of us and our lives and that brought all the worries and the concerns into perspective, as the beauty of the night sky unravels before our eyes with the kid’s mind enlightened with the quench to explore nature.

UNAWE Tanzani would like to thanks Dr. Geofrey Karugila from Sokoine University Faculty of Science, Dr. Noorali Jiwaji from Open University of Tanzania, Deodatus Kiriba and Irene Kibona from EWAT, Eliezer Mwakalapa and the whole administration of Solomoni Mahlangu Primary School with all the childrens who enjoyed our talk on that day.

By: UNAWE-Tanzania

Photos at: http://picasaweb.google.com/mponda.malozo/SolomoniMahlanguKSEPhotos


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