Solar Eclipse at Assembly Time

On 15th January the sky shall display a spectacular scene from7 in the morning until 11 am.  The event shall take place while most schools are at morning assembly session, which will increase number of viewer’s especially young ones. A major part of the Sun will be blocked from view during the eclipse of the sun.  Tanzania will not manage to see the ring, but will see from 80 to 90 percent of the Sun will be covered up.  This will cause a very huge change in the morning sunshine. Actually it is an “annular eclipse” for some lucky observers in Uganda, Kenya and across the Indian Ocean to India and China.  They will see the Sun almost fully covered up except for a thin ring (called an annulus) around the central dark disk of the Moon. 

 During a Solar Eclipse the Moon is in an exact line between the Sun and the Earth.  From Earth, we see that during a Solar Eclipse, the tiny Moon is covering up the mighty Sun. During the Solar eclipse don’t try to look at the Sun directly without protective special glasses as you would be blinded by the Sun (SO NEVER DO TI!). We would like to advise people to use welding glasses as they are the best and has no impact to eyes. Alternative can be to use glasses covered with carbon soot. Carbon soot has to be between the glasses well binded with glue, but these glasses needs to be tested before allowing them to be used

 UNAWE Tanzania in collaboration with EWAT shall hold kids sky exploration project on Saturday 16th one day after Solar Eclipse event at Solomoni Mahlangu Primary School at Mazimbu in Morogoro. This event shall bring together kids from Solomoni Mahlangu Campus and surrounding neighborhood region to allow them to understand about the event of lunar eclipse as well as solar eclipse which have just take place at the end and  beginning of the year.

 UNAWE Tanzania and EWAT welcome all stakeholders and people with goodwill to support this event by attending or purchasing gifts for the kids who shall attend the event as a way of inspiring them in science.

 By Mponda Malozo


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