Tanzania National standard seven examination results released by The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training on December 10th 2009 and announced by the Minister Prof. Jumanne Maghembe,

showed a big failure in the area of Mathematics and English Language.

The failure was explained by Minister Prof. Maghembe and said that “an analysis of the results based

on subjects shows that the pass rate in Kiswahili is 69.08%, Science 53.41%, General Knowledge 59.46

%, English 35.44% and Mathematics 20.96%. This translates into improvement with regard to English and Mathematics”. He expl

ained that this year’s performance was generally “not encouraging”, and called on all education sector stakeholders to chip in with ways to improve the situation.

This year results as well as previous year result show the best performance from city urban based primary schools as compared to rural ones. Dar es Salaam, Arusha and Iringa regions have retained their top positions in

terms of performance. Shinyanga Region retained its position as tail-ender for the second year running, followed by Singida, Tabora and Kigoma. A similar scenario obtained last year, the ‘Big Three’ stood first, second and third even l

ast year.

Asked what measures the government was taking to improve performance in Mathematics and English, the minister said: “A number of primary school teachers are undergoing training on how best to improve the situation.”

UNAWE-Tanzania has also been discouraged with the results and it would like to ask schools to communicate with us so that we can improve kids love to Mathematics and Sciences through the science of Astronomy. Astronomy is an ancient Science of the sky that awake curiosity to kids and allow them to practice simple Astronomical

Mathematics and Sciences in general from early ages.

UNAWE Tanzania is using participatory method of teaching and storytelling that is recommended by the Minis

try of Education and Vocational Training during the weekly sessions in these schools.

UNAWE also allow Science teacher’s to participate in our teaching and finally acquire skills of teaching Science, Mathematics and finally become ambassadors to other schools in the regions.

With government support and other organizations UNAWE-Tanzania can reach many schools and make changes in kids’ performances in our Primary Schools.

Posted by Co-Authors;

Mponda Malozo

Joeline Ezekiel



  1. esther gamba says:

    mitaala ya shule za msingi isibadirishe badilishwe kwani inawachanganya wanafunzi pia masomo yanakuwa mengi.hinyo kupelea wanafunzi kushindwa kufanya vizuri pengine kama mtaala ungebadilishwa kwa kuanzia shule za msingi wanafunzi waanze kuchagua masomo wanayo weza kuyamudu wakiwa bado wako shule ya msingi natuini ingekuwa bora zaidi ,Tubadirike tuone jinsi nchi zilizoendelea wanafunzi ukuzwa vipaji vyao wakiwa shule za awali na hivyo kupelekea kuwa na wataalamu waliofiti zaidi Ombi langu.

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