Universe in a Box in the Land of Kilimanjaro

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Finally the long waited teachers’ and students’ collaborative and innovative learning resource of astronomy and science has landed in the land of Kilimanjaro. Thanks to all who have made donations to this project and make Tanzania benefit from it, as you can see from the video used in the campaign below the teachers and student shall open a new way of learning and teaching. We are indeed very thankful

With ten of these boxes in Tanzania, ten schools are going to benefit and those include:-

  1. Mazoezi Primary School in Monduli Arusha,
  2. Solomoni Mahlangu Primary School in Morogoro,
  3. Milama Primary School in Morogoro,
  4. Ilboru Primary School in Arusha,
  5. Kibaha Primary School in Coastal Region (Pwani),
  6. Seela Primary School in Arumeru Arusha,
  7. Ngarash Primary School in Monduli Arusha,
  8. King’ori Primary School in Monduli Arusha,
  9. Lashaine Primary School in Monduli Arusha and
  10. Kigurunyembe Primary School in Morogoro.

Teachers from these schools have benefited from the training of using Astronomy to teach science and we treat them as ambassadors of Astronomy for Science in Tanzania. If you want to make use of the resources we can help you to get in contact with the teachers.

We shall be keeping track on the use of these boxes and share the difference they are making in Tanzania’s education system.



It is Time for Astronomy Kickoff in Tanzania

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Despite of the natural beauty of the dark skies, astronomy has not been valued as it should in Tanzania. We couldn’t say this has always been the case as there are a lot of connections between most tribes and the skies above within Tanzania. Probably it is our education which has keep us distance from the beauty and wonders of the skies enough to awake our natural curiosity.

better world for our childrenWe see this as people becomes educated they no longer bother about their roots, families no longer sit around the fire at night and make stories, parents no longer take their children to grandparents during school breaks, children no longer listen to stories from their grandparents and all these disconnect us from who we truly are. We gradually lose touch with nature and embrace technology instead.

Thank youBut this won’t be for long as the greatest unification is about to come through astronomy, in which everything will be question and everything will be interesting. Astronomy has puzzled the minds of the greatest scientist in human history and through their inventions and desire to unearth the unknown universe we have come to be what we are today.

The time for similar thing to happen in Tanzania has come, and it is through the efforts of Telescopes to Tanzania and wonderful people who have donated in AWB Telescopes to Tanzania campaign through the Indiegogo site, as well as the greatest contribution from Andy Green few days before the end of the campaign.

Now that, what was searched for is reached, all that is left is to put every word into action.

Tanzania Get Ready to Unveil what is Hidden Beneath the Clouds